25. abril 2020 - 8:30 hasta 16:00
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Lets Get Help! Mental Wellness Summit | | sábado, 25. abril 2020

Let’s Get Help Mental Wellness Summit is on a mission to have empowering conversations that introduce practical self-care and wellness techniques.
Just like we get physical coughs and colds, we get psychological scrapes and bruises that can be healed in the right environment and I’ve created a safe and relaxing space just for you!
Join me in Atlanta on Saturday, April 25, 2020 where you’ll receive the tools and practical techniques to bounce back from life’s adversities and start living the life of your dreams.
 Registration is NOW OPEN! Get signed up TODAY!
Sessions include the following:

Acknowledging the Trauma + Emerging Triumphant
Living My Best Life: Self-Care + Relationships
Hacking your Mental Health Resources in the Workplace
The Food-Mood Connection
Bonus Relaxation + Meditation Session
And much more!!!