22. octubre 2020 - 0:00
Krystal Cancun, Cancun
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8th International OTEC Symposium | jueves, 22. octubre 2020

The International OTEC Symposium is the world’s largest international conference on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). Since the first conference in Hawaii in 2013, it has been held annually in Korea, Malaysia, The Netherlands, and France. Two days of unique and interactive sessions provides the framework for networking and collaboration among the wide variety of international speakers and participants. Key players in the OTEC industry, energy markets, finance, and government representatives from all over the world will have the opportunity to share the latest in this accelerating industry.

This year’s 8th International OTEC symposium will be held in Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico, it will be held on October 22-23, 2020.

More information on this year's International OTEC Symposium is now available at http://otecsymposium2020.cemieoceano.mx/

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