13. agosto 2017 - 8:00
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Apus spirit-Huaypo Lake | domingo, 13. agosto 2017

Huaypo Lake. Theme: Apus and the stones training
Offered by Holistic Fitness Cusco-Walther

Open your hearth to the apus and let them help you throught your physical transition and your spirit awakening. A magic and energetic site located beside the Huaypo lake called the Huaypo Morroc which has the most amazing views to the andean range and snow mountains in Cusco.

The Tour includes a 50 minutes car from Cusco and 2 hours hike and the same time Hiking back whilst we enjoy the spectacular views to the most important mountains in Cusco, we will include a new Holistic outdoor trainning called the Stone training created for those who wants to recharge the old energies for a new one, and ancient meaning about the Apus or Mountains spirit. And we will finish with a nice break of meditation to calm the mind and connect our selves with the Apus energies.

The hike is also created to bring consciousness about the Snow mountains, and for body détox, sould detox, spirit detox.

Local Cars:
The tours is full backpacking, no private cars are expected, and it may be also you travelling standing up in a bus or without space to move (tight) in small cars. So please be aware about it.

Local car Prices: Cusco-Chinchero= s/ 6.00 soles one way the same Price coming back.

Bring small package, hiking and light clothes-Also becouse the altitude and weather changes bring wind stopper or rain proof clothes, sun protectors, bring money for the Taxis and transportation , bring your own meals ( snacks, lunch, water etc).

Hike Difficulty:
Huypo Hill and Huypo Lake are located to an elevation of 3600 meters approx. We will hike until the top which will take us 2 hours hiking to an elevation of 4.800 meters and the same time hiking back.

Time off on the Hill
We will have one hour to enjoy the time , you can meditate, do yoga or just sit to enjoy the views.
Meeting :

The meeting at Cusco will be from 8:00 to 8:30 AM ( Limacpampa grande center where the 2 faces are), We will departure on time. 8:30 AM.

Price: A small donation of s/25.00 soles
Those trips continue because the donations , a volunteer donation is welcome and help us to provide more trips in Future.
More info:
Inbox or cellphone number: 988352686.