25. noviembre 2027 - 20:00 hasta 21:00
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無限期半素人 We the Half Vegetarian | jueves, 25. noviembre 2027


【We the Half Vegetarian】
Press "Join" and eat a vegetarian meal every day!
If you believe that eating meat is bad for our environment and the meat production consumes too many resources on the Earth, you are welcome to join this event. You simply need to eat one vege-meal (which is without any meat) per day!
Though we can not set the activity time until the end of the world(?), you know you can be a forever half vegetarian!


Hello!! Welcome to join the activity " We the Half Vegetarian". The main idea of this activity is that we try to eat at least one meal without meat per day.
Why no meat?
There's quite a lot of reasons for a person to choose whether to eat meat or not. One of our core purposes is for the environment protection. We find that actually by eating meat, we contribute to a big amount of CO2 pollution caused by supporting the enormous animal husbandry. As a result, many experts will suggest eating less meat or even no meat. However, it's hard to change one's habit of diet within a short period.(We also **** this difficulty) Therefore, we suggest that let's start with one meal vegetarian per day.
If you would like to know more about the issues of eating meat related to environmental effect, please follow our information.