24. julio 2018 - 17:30 hasta 19:30
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The Yugen Cup | CITYFUT Condesa | martes, 24. julio 2018

The world cup is in full swing, and Yugen is getting in on the action. If you like to play or watch fútbol, raise money for charity, or meet new people, The Yugen Cup is the perfect event for you. You'll be playing alongside your Yugen fam, RY Staff, and Citizens here in Mexico City for the ultimate Yugen Sports Title.
The Yugen Cup will be a tournament format. The teams will be mixed gender with 5-6 a side, all skill levels welcome. The teams, team colors, and exact format of the tournament will be revealed in detail once sign-ups are finished.
The tournament will kick off at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, July 24th. Games will finish at 7:15 followed by an awards ceremony at a bar close to the pitch. This event is open to the entire Remote Nation to give everyone an opportunity to get to know Yugen before we transition into... REAL LIFE
We are looking for a 10 dollar donation (Pay on Eventbrite) with all profits going to Yugen Build.
Please jump in the #-the-yugen-cup channel to join in on the commentary and hype in the lead up to the event. If you are interested in helping out and planning the tournament reach out to @alee, @dairesummerville, or @andajetski