31. enero 2020 - 19:00
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CHRONIC TRAUMA COUNSELING - With Amanda & Roly Buys | 12735 E Wheeler Rd | viernes, 31. enero 2020

Friday Night 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Sunday 5:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Introduction and foundation for
understanding how to minister tothose who have a history of chronic trauma, dissociation, and trauma-based mind-control.
SRA/DID COUNSELING1. Advanced framework and principles resolvingcomplex DID issues and programming.“The old way vs. the new way” of working with DID
2. Hegelian dialect and core conflicts
3. How to identify the God created function of“Neshemah” in the counseling process.
4. Let the BODY help to determine TRUE core names- the three primaries and the Conception Identity -Finding TRUE Core and bypassing all the programming- not getting lost in the maze of all the programming.
5. A more detailed study on the SHEATH and QuantumPhysics.We will use body response testing to determinewhether the sheath is in a properly functioning position.If not, then we identify and clear any attachments orimbalances that might be affecting it before restoring itto the way GOD designed.
6. How survivors are weaponized against the Bodyof Messiah – We can Skype with a survivor who can tell her story of what she did against believers and ministries.
7. The Royals - (blue-blood) and ranking in the satanickingdom according to the Iniquity ForceThis explains how ranking in the army of satan works inthe cult depending on how defiled the bloodline is.
8. The Silver Cord and the Royals ruling from the graveThis covers how Ecclesiastes 12:6 is used in the cultand how the royals continue with their evil plans usingthe access to the silver cord of the next generations.
9. The Alpha and Omega ChakrasThe cult creates an external false energy system whichenables them to then travel to the other dimensions -to be translated in the spirit to attend and officiate atmeetings.
10. The Iniquity Force - The role of Menstrual Blood andKnot MagicMenstrual blood has been seen to be very powerful inthe spirit and is used very often in the cults to powerup their followers. Knot magic is used all the time inwitchcraft. The knot of Isis is seen all over, binding thesurvivors to so many places in the spirit.
11. Understanding the satanic Trinity“The Dragon”“The Beast”“The False Prophet”Based on The Book of Revelations - We understand thedifferent domains of the dragon, the beast, and the falseprophet.
12. The Hitler Project - “Unpeeling the Onion”After working many years with survivors from manydifferent nations and them reporting the same story ofwhat happened in 1944 and 1945 - and the evil demonicplan of Hitler and Joseph Mengele for the end times andthe rule of the final anti-christ - we have called thissection the Hitler project.
ROLY AND AMANDA BIOThe LORD has blessed Roly and Amanda Buys withrevelation and insight to achieve this lifestyle of victory inMessiah through practical experience, coming **** to facewith the reasons for failure of victorious living, and throughextensive and intensive research. The result of which, is theJourney2Freedom and Journey2Wholeness series, andthe advanced training courses. She has just completed a veryintensive course to train up counselors in prayer counselingcalled ACTS – Advanced Counseling Training School.
AMANDA’S STORYShe was born in Port Shepstone, Natal, into a family offive children, of which she was the fourth. Growing up ina dysfunctional and alcoholic home was not easy, but theLORD has used that childhood pain in her life to bringhealing and understanding to others, as well as restoration.All things work for the good! After completing high school,she studied a B.Sc. degree at the University of Pretoria. Shethen worked full time as a teacher at a high school for thenext three years. During that time, she met and married Roly,and by GOD’s Grace they are on their way of having beenmarried for more than forty years!Roly and Amanda have three children and SEVENgrandchildren! They strongly believe that the family iscalled together as a unit in ministry. Strong family ties areemphasized with GODLY Order in place.
ROLY’S STORYRoly has now semi-retired and they have relocated up theGarden Route – living right beside the sea in a small holidayvillage.Roly now travels to all the places who invite them, togetherwith Amanda ... this has been their dream for many years tobe able to travel and minister together.Roly is very serious of his calling as priest, prophet, and kingand does his best to make sure that he and his whole familyare covered at all times! GOD, by His grace, has trainedRoly’s hands for war and his fingers to fight!Roly has also written books on the understanding of ourBiblical Roots (understanding the Messianic perspective ofthe Feasts) , how to restore the family blessings, and theimportant role of the fathers!Because of scaling down the ministry to keep up with thechanging season in Roly and Amanda’s lives, they are moreselective to invitations – but they both can now minister witha new vision and wisdom after years of being trained byABBA Father. Roly, being retired now, allows them to traveltogether which is what they have so longed to do for manyyears. Ministering together has strengthened the ministryand made them much more effective as a team couple.