24. agosto 2020 - 19:00
Sandhi House, Ericeira
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Global Yoga Yin Portugal In English | lunes, 24. agosto 2020

Location: Sandhi House, Ericeira, Portugal

Dates: 24-31st of August 2020

Price: 19 800 sek

Teacher: Eva Christensen

One week retreat includes:

Full Global Yoga Yin 50h certification and training

Breakfast and lunch/or dinner (Half board)

Global Yoga Yin Film

Global Yoga Yin Manual

Retreat doesn't include:

Transfers to and from the airport

Flights or travel insurance

Course literature

Training: The Global Yoga Yin Teacher Training is a unique way to deepen your overall yoga practice and touch tissues rarely worked in a more active yang style of yoga. In this workshop we cover:

- Philosophy and practice of yin yoga

- Understanding the practical benefits of yin yoga, physically, energetically and mentally

- Learning the difference between yin and yang styles of yoga

- Your Body - Your Yoga

- Understanding anatomy from the bones outward

- Limits to movement and the importance of skeletal variation

- Difference between tension and compression

- Understanding energy: Prana, Chi, meridians and western energy medicine

- The most common yin yoga postures and variations

- How to assist in yin yoga

- Pedagogics: How to plan a yin class, find your voice and style as a yin teacher

- Daily practice of meditation and yin yoga

Who can join this training: This Yin workshop is designed for students who have been practicing yoga for at least one year and want to deepen their understanding of the practice. Prior experience in yin yoga is not required. You do not have to desire to become a yoga teacher, but you are expected to have a passion for yoga.

Weekly schedule: You will practice two yin classes per day and have lectures/workshops and time for individual and group studies in between. During the week you get to explore the gorgeous beaches of Portugal, try surfing and stand up paddling, if you wish and we also offer amazing bodywork and treatments with great discounts.

Sign up for the training at globalyoga.se or email us at email

For questions regarding the retreat and travels contact Eva email

When you have signed up for the workshop you receive further information, a yin video to practice with and the literature list.

Please note that this event does not show the list of students. If you want to attend this training you have to sign up for it on globalyoga.se