15. noviembre 2019 - 12:00
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Retreat Beyond Intention - The Life of Purpose and Flow | Private Villa | viernes, 15. noviembre 2019

The problem or challenge goes so much deeper than you not living the life you deserve. The real shame is that you have spent so much time believing the lie you are not infinitely powerful and the author and creator of your own life, that it has become your reality.
My name is Dan Mangena, International radio host, public speak and author, and for more than a decade I have calculated that at the time of speaking to you today, I have read over 500 books, spent six figures on coaching, training and mentorship from some of the world's top thought leaders and continue to grow and sharpen my toolkit daily in pursuit of the answer to a question - how do I reclaim that power and stand more deeply and lovingly in it everyday.
Born in a moment where I only came back from the brink of ******* because I was fearful I wouldn't get it right, I have fine tuned and continue to expand a four step process I created by the name of Beyond Intention that speaks to the gift that we all have which encompasses the power to direct the course of our own lives for more love, health, happiness abundance and joy.
We are now repeatedly being called to see that the paradigms society has held in relation to what we call reality are out of sync with ultimate truth.
Mainstream science is now also coming to see and acknowledge that the ancients had a lot more of the story right than was previously accepted.
The Divine Matrix other variants on the same theme are beginning to come to the forefront of how we frame our understanding of this crazy reality we occupy and my tool, Beyond Intention has now for over ten years gone from strength to strength in proving its capabilities as an effective method for navigating this matrix.
The event will be held in the standard of abundant luxury that you have come to expect from a Dreamer HQ retreat with:

Private villa
Swimming pool
Epic views
All meals provided (for in house residents)
Sunset cruise

Scenery in this part of the Baja pennisula are second to none, and are just one reason why I migrated to this part of Mexico last year having been all over the world and not found a place to call home. With the retreat on the island of Malta selling out in just two weeks, the five rooms in this luxury villa will not last long.  If you are coming as couple or paid sharing a room/bed then tickets must be taken as a pair.
Having recently stepped back from 121 coaching as my team take the reigns, these retreats are now the only way to get time to work with me personally on your ideal life creation.
Along with a run up of private group coaching calls exclusively for this event, I will be leading you back into the driver seat of your life by claiming back your power through the gift we all have access to and learn how to set the beauty abundance of all types into your life as your new auto-pilot: Wealth, love, health and happiness - limitless possibilities. 
This event is the first retreat scheduled to also incorporate key elements from our purpose driven peak performance programs, creating a balance in success in all areas of our lives anchored in recognition of the reality of reality – everything is connected.
It is our stories about separation that keep us prisoner to success, growth and expansion happening in just one area of our lives.
With the follow-up coaching call with me personally, access to the Beyond Intention workshop archives, Beyond Intention Create Your Ideal Life Group coaching program and 90 days access to the Beyond Intention membership program, it is nigh on impossible that you will not find life changing value in attending this retreat…
"What would it feel like to experience Abundance as the new norm in all areas of your life? For your resources to overflow without you even having to continue to call it in with your thoughts and intentions?"
There is an infinite joy available to every one of us, and a road to that encoded in each of us; this event will give you all you need to bath in that joy at will.
I live in Los Cabos, so those thinking of making this a longer trip are welcome to connect with me and hang out before and after the event. Those doing so will have to pay for your own bed and board. I understand from the Malta and French retreats that many people are traveling from all over the world and so it may not make a lot of sense to fly to Mexico for just 3 days, as transformative as those days might be.
You will be joined by just a handful of other souls on this journey, giving you the opportunity to connect and form relationships with others taking this leap to step into their power. All attendees also get access to my online community where other alumni of Beyond Intention retreats, workshops and online summits can connect.
Additional Support on the event is to be confirmed, but rest assured some world-class healers, light workers and thought leaders will be passing by to support your transition into the greatest version of yourself.
To upgrade your package to include a private coaching call, DVD of the event, physical workbook and signed copies of my books feel free to take up the discounted early bird option of the replay.
I will also be leaning heavily on my own development over the coming months, which, if you have been following my work, will no doubt represent a quantum leap in information to share.
Here is what people have said about working with me:
 “I was amazed at how much information Dan was able to stuff into one day; really powerful and transformational information. I am so in love with the way Dan does things.  He teaches us to be free beyond our wildest dreams and I am so ecstatic to have experienced a full day of Dan’s teachings.  I highly recommend this work to anyone who is interested in transforming their life and wanting to make serious lifestyle changes and see real results. Dan teaches in a way that makes it real and easily applicable in your workaday reality.  He is the real deal.” K.S.
“Dan is a good listener and has a wonderful presence. He provides a powerful juxtaposition of coaching and teaching which really un-stifles you and challenges you to take action and celebrate! He shows us that the window of opportunity is a mirror and we hold our own power to be the conductor of the chaotic orchestra of life. I resonate with his wonderful philosophy. Something about him just echoes realness, detachment from outcome and reality hacker. Thank you, man!” – S. W.
We are going on a deep dive adventure and I look forward to supporting you being the greatest version of yourself, whether that is in person or via the live stream and invite you to book a call with one of the team if you have any questions about this and any other Dreamer HQ offering.
Attendees to this event also receive an invitation to join me for sunset cruise on Saturday November 16th. Access is included in the event ticket price.
To discuss more about this event and options on attendance and which one is right for you, book a call with my team here: