31. octubre 2020 - 20:00
Antwerp Mansion, Manchester
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Fancy Dress Antwerp Mansion Ghost Hunt | sábado, 31. octubre 2020

Antwerp mansion in Manchester has a very rich history, the young boy who fell through the skylight still walks the staircase and can be felt all around you when on the stairs. Moans bangs and knocks can be heard from the red room and the huge ballroom sends a chill down your spine.. does the male entity that used to own the mansion still haint the upper floor .. will you hear the cries from the lady who inhabits the red room ?? And lets not start on the basement, people have been pushed, scratched, and had cold hands around their neck.

Come along and find out if antwerp pushes your limits.

we run a no drugs or alcohol policy on our events.

Location: Antwerp mansion Rusholme Manchester

costs: £32.50

dress code.. fancy dress best costume wins a prize!