13. febrero 2020 - 10:00 hasta 13:00
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Selling a Property AS IS - Making Real Estate Disclosures in Georgia - McDonough | Maximum One Realty Partners | jueves, 13. febrero 2020

Selling a Property "As-Is" Making Real Estate Disclosures in Georgia 3 Hour CE Course

Selling a home "As-Is" may seem like the easiest course of action, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Georgia has specific laws and our GAR Form F101 "Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement" and GAR Form F201 "Purchase and Sales Agreement" has specific clauses that addresses “As-Is”. Listing a house to sell "As-Is" NO Seller Property Disclosure Statement is not appropriate in a real estate transaction in Georgia today. Only one exception....banked owned property, i.e. REO.Georgia state courts have held that sellers must at least disclosure any known, material and latent defects in the property that are not visible upon reasonable inspection. In addition, there are State and Federal disclosures required as well. 
“As Is” actually has a legal definition. 
Special Guest: Jan Townley - Mortgage Banker - 678-492-8874My CE Class, LLC #5914 |Expires 12/31/20 | Instructor: Cathy McDaniel In-Class Course | Continuing Education | classeswithcathy@gmail.com