05. abril 2019 - 19:00 hasta 20:00
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Le Wagon Mexico Demo Day - Batch #235 | Innovation Lab Facebook Mexico | viernes, 05. abril 2019

What's better than a Demo Day to finish in style? If you've ever wondered what students learn at Le Wagon, this event is made for you!
The 12 students of the batch #235 will pitch the projects they coded during the last 10 days of the 9-week FullStack program. Be prepared, it will rock!
Carbon Print: Buy and sell your artwork in a matter of minutes, Dinning: Host your private restaurant, Tripalicious: Discover and share your favourite places on maps
This is also the opportunity to meet Le Wagon's team and students!
We look forward to meeting you soon!
Le Wagon Mexico team
Le Wagon is a 9-week full-stack coding bootcamp based out of 30 cities in 20 countries. We bring coding skills to creative people who aim to create their own startup, or add a technical know-how to their skillset.
Our coding bootcamp teaches you all the web stack, from the database to the browser. You will learn the core concepts of object-oriented programming, and structure your software following design patterns like MVC. In addition to mastering back-end programming languages (Ruby, SQL), you will develop your front-end skills using recent techniques like flexbox, CSS grid and learn ES6, the latest version of JavaScript.
We strongly believe that there is a good way of building web products. During our bootcamp, we teach you how successful startups work: design your project's wireframe & mockup, test your UX with a prototype, split your user stories across your team and collaborate with branch and pull requests with git and Github.
We also teach you how to learn, and what tools to use to do so (Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia…) You learn how to implement all these services to be more efficient when you launch your product.
At the end of the bootcamp, you will be able to build a web product from scratch, design a relational database and build queries with SQL, integrate a 3rd service using an API or scrape HTML data, and be able to learn a new programming language very quickly, which is extremely important in the fast-paced environment of web development.
Next batch is open for registration and will start on June the 10th :
#1Coding BootcampLe Wagon has been ranked as the best coding school in the world for the last 3 years.
4210+ Amazing GraduatesWe have bootcamps running in 34 cities around the world, creating an incredible alumni network.
1150+ Web Apps DevelopedWe teach our students to turn their ideas into reality. Come and build your business with us!