14. julio 2020 - 23:00
Naranja Tours, Naucalpan De Juárez
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Win a great hike with your 2 best (or fittest) friends! | martes, 14. julio 2020


So, yes you can win something, and of course you can also ´lose´ something.

Q: What is the deal?

A: We will organize a great day tour hiking for 6 people. Two teams

of 3 people. You and your 2 outdoor friends.

Q: Where do we go?

A: You decide.

Q: When?

A: When Hugo says.

Q: How do I play?

A: Tag your 2 outdoor beasts in a comment under this post* and

explain why we should choose your team.

Q: What if I don´t have 2 friends?

A: This might be the moment in your lonely life to find them.

Q: And then?

A: Then at the end of this month we will pick the 2 teams who we

think have the best motivation to join.

Q: And then we win?

A: Of course not, life is hard as you know.

Q: So?

A: First we will decide together where to go and pick a date asap.

Q: So for sure there will be some hidden **** and things you haven't

told us yet?

A: Well done, you learn fast.

Q: Y luego?

A: So the day of truth there will be some games during the day,

beside hiking of course. Games, like a quiz with questions about

Mexico, maybe about the Netherlands, maybe about beers, well

who knows, there will be some ´intellectual´and some physic

games. Oh yeah and be on time at 4.00.

Q: And so if we do better then the other team we win?

A: Well, everybody is a winner but at least you don't pay. The other

team pays your day.

Q: Oh? and how much?

A: The losing team pays 3000 MXN in total.

Q: That's expensive!

A: No, it's not, it´s only 500 MXN per person for your team and

500 MXN pp for your new friends and everything is included,

food, drinks, material, transport, park fee etc.

Q: Oh I think you are right!

A: I probably am.

Q: Last question: how do we know you are not a serial killer?

A: Don´t watch too much Netflix, you need to go out, or::


nb. this date is just a random date in the future everything depends on Hugo.

* if you can´t tag them just write their names and for further info please like the page of Naranja Tours.