25. junio 2020 - 9:00 hasta 11:00
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Microgravity Services & Applications Webinar | jueves, 25. junio 2020

Explore how Microgravity can provide valuable research and commercial opportunities for many sectors.

About this Event

Event Summary

This introductory knowledge-sharing webinar will raise awareness of Microgravity, and showcase associated beneficial services and applications, followed by a Q&A Panel and informal networking session.

Why attend?

Would you like to find out how Microgravity (Weightlessness / objects in orbit) can provide valuable research and commercial opportunities for many sectors, including the following?

• Agriculture & Crop Science

• Biotech & Pharmaceutical

• Circular Economy

• Cosmetics & Consumer Products

• Materials & Manufacturing

"The global space sector is changing rapidly and we want the UK to be at the forefront of the commercialisation of microgravity, as part of our vision to lead the new space age."

Emily Gravestock, Head of Applications Strategy, UK Space Agency

Hosted by the South West Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications (SWCoESA), and in association with the UK Space Agency, ESA Space Solutions and Cornwall Space cluster, we look forward to engaging with you on this exciting, innovative and impactful topic!

Keynote Speakers include:

Libby Jackson (UK Space Agency Human Exploration Programme Manager)

Miles Carden (Spaceport Cornwall Director)

Joshua Western (Space Forge CEO)

Detailed agenda to follow...

N.B. Zoom Webinar link will be sent to registrants prior to the event.