17. agosto 2020 - 9:00
Gulf Coast State College Theatre, Panama City
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Selected Topics in Theatre Performance: The State of our Union | lunes, 17. agosto 2020

Gulf Coast State College Visual & Performing Arts announces a unique class Fall semester 2020: Selected Topics in Theatre Performance: The State of our Union

This online course explores racism in our society through the arts.

TPP2930 Selected Topics in Theatre Performance

Section 84068 , 3 credits

Online Aug 17-Dec 11, 2020

Instructor Destinee Steele

Goals of the Course

---Research and examine U.S. historical events and their relevance and connection to current events pertaining to systemic racism and racial injustices.

-Engage in healthy discussions focusing on the sharing of personal stories from both sides of racially charged engagements.

-Create original artistic material (text, music, dance, visual art, etc.) for use in an interdisciplinary arts event with the goal of reflecting the community back to itself as a means of learning, growing and moving forward together with increased awareness and movement toward equality.

The class will culminate in a showing of the work explored and created during the course.

Open to all current GCSC students and eligible dual enrolled high school students. Students with interests in the arts, history, current events, etc are encouraged to participate.

For more information or help with registration please contact Jason Hedden at email or 850-872-3887