08. junio 2018 - 18:00
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Hello June! - Puebla City | Puebla City | viernes, 08. junio 2018

English Conversation Club Puebla offers a rich array of activities, like dances, social gatherings, lectures, and athletic events. In addition to this activities, the Puebla area is filled with many opportunities for enjoyment.

8th - 'Startup Experience Entrepreneurship Workshop vol2; Emotional Intelligent' at 6 PM (*) What's Emotional Intelligent? Come and by part of this interesting workshop by Cesar Hernandez Certificate Life Coach (Puebla City)
*IMPORTANT: Bring your mat!

16th - 'Ecowalk vol1; Laguna de San Baltazar' at 10 AM(**) Join us and be the difference in the Planet (Blvd Valsequillo and 14 sur)

22nd - 'Let's Dance vol1 ; Dance Therapy' at 6PM. Would you like to know more about this art? Come and live the experience of the music and colours by Gabrii S. Pando psychologist from Ibero Puebla and graduate from the Maria's *** Dance Theraphy School in Argentina (Puebla City)