10. diciembre 2019 - 12:00 hasta 14:30
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Taco103 -veggie taco walk | Los Arcos Amphitheater | martes, 10. diciembre 2019

A relaxed afternoon or evening of chatting, learning about local finger foods and tasting delicious, very mexican vegetarian tacos. A (very) filling taco meal with a local friend. ​
We will visit up to 5 different taco spots in the Centro and OldTown neighborhoods. You'll be able to taste 5 to 10 different tacos and quesadillas. On the menu: refried beans, mushrooms, nopales, poblano peppers, chickpeas and lentils, cheese and mashed potatoes. And more. Also, guacamole, salsas and hand-made tortillas. Plus aguas frescas, craft beer and dessert. And lot's of fun. We'll visit street stands and small taco eateries, all of them family businesses and not necessarily vegetarian. Vegans are welcome!
And you do not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy. Some of the tastiest mexican tacos are veggie. Think of a chile relleno taco! Anyway, do not miss Taco101 and Taco102 for meat and seafood.
After our walking and eating session, you will feel more connected to the fabulous local taco scene and you will be more than ready to continue exploring on your own with more knowledge and confidence. Explore Vallarta by the hand of a proud local.

You take care of your check
At every stop, you will learn the menus and prices. We will guide you through the selection process and recommend the most authentic and representative items. Then you pay for your own food. 
The total expense per person for this very filling lunch, including drinks and dessert and extras, is the equivalent between $10 and $15 USD at the very most. Bring your pesos (we´ll help you wih the exchange if necessary) and your apetite!

How longIt´s about 2.5 to 3 hours and about 1 mile, give or take.

How much
The walk is free. However, as a gratuity, You Pay What You Want. You decide.
At the end of the walk, if you are happy, you contribute with the amount per person, in pesos or dollars, you feel your experience was worth. We will make sure you love it.
Reservations are made on the honor system. You are making an honest commitment to attend a limited capacity group. We prefer small groups. Up to 6 people.

WhereWe meet at Los Arcos Amphitheater, by the benches, across the street from the Central Square. The meeting point is easily accesible by bus, uber or taxi.

Select a date above an reserve your spot!
Dates not shown in the calendar are either full or not available.
Contact us at welovevallarta@gmail.com if you would like to request a private tour or a particular date

*Walks do not operate in dangerous or severe weather.