23. marzo 2019 - 9:00 hasta 19:00
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Dreaming the Arc of Life - 1Day Intro & Ken Ross Keynote | La Casona | sábado, 23. marzo 2019

Dreaming the Arc of Life: Engaging wholeness throughout the lifespan​
​Come discover the many pathways through which healing is facilitated at the 2019 Dreaming & Healing conference. Meet the presenters and guest contributors from across the globe!
Learn how to work with your unconscious and your imagination so your dreams respond with valuable information regarding your physical, mental and emotional health. Gain insight into the language of symbols, myths, metaphor, archetypes, the elements, and nature to help you live a healthier life.
Listen to Ken Ross, son of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, speak about his mother's legacy and fascinating experiences they shared through her life's journey working with the dying and her relationship with and understanding about life and death.
1-Day Introductory Ticket includes:

Opening ceremony

Transpersonal Travel & Co-Dreaming

Somatic Experiential Activities

Coffee Breaks

Ken Ross Keynote: The Legacy of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Ken Ross, photographer and founder of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation, will speak about his mother’s legacy, her intentions with her work, and lesser-known facts about her life and contributions.
Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004) pioneered hospice and bereavement education in the U.S. Her most famous book, On Death and Dying, is widely accepted as a groundbreaking examination of death and mortality.
* Simultaneous Spanish-English translation services available