23. marzo 2019 - 9:00
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Dreaming the Arc of Life - 7Day Participation | La Casona | sábado, 23. marzo 2019

Engaging wholeness throughout the lifespan​
Come discover the many pathways through which healing and integration is facilitated throughout our lifespan at the 2019 Dreaming & Healing biennial conference, Dreaming the Arc of Life, March 21-29 in San Miguel de Allende, México.​Practice hands-on dreamwork exercises, circle work, creative and experiential activities to gain greater insight into your dreams, hopes and projections, your waking life, the development of your self and your health.  Learn how to work with your cycles, nature's cycles, your unconscious, your memories, your stories, and your imagination so your life and your dreams respond with valuable information reflecting your physical, mental and emotional health. Gain insight into the language of symbols, myths, metaphor, archetypes, the elements, and nature to help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Our international experts will cover all dimensions of health and wholeness to address participants' concerns and inquiries. Audience engagement is encouraged. Our team includes holistic, alternative, Chinese medicine and geriatric doctors, midwives, death doulas, shamans, astrologers, philosophers, psychologists, herbalists, business administrators, educators, writers, visual artists, and somatic therapists.​
7Day Ticket includes:

Up to 5 pre-conference workshops

3-day conference

extracurricular activities

3 small group experientials

3 panel discussions

round tables

keynote lecture

* Simultaneous Spanish-English translation services available