25. marzo 2019 - 15:00 hasta 19:00
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The Breathing Relationship 4-hour Workshop | La Casona | lunes, 25. marzo 2019

The Breathing Relationshipwith Jeanne Denney4-hour workshop with coffee break
Direct, embodied relationships of all kinds, from the deep ones with spouse and children to sales clerks and mail carriers, constantly negotiate a developmental pulse up and down our vertical core and through our chakras, likely stimulating our early traumas and attachment wounds. Once established, relationships of course are not static. They continue to pulsate and transform in cycles, that is if we allow them to.
In order to heal, it is profoundly important to allow this transformational dance, for "space" (literally and poetically) between self and other to increase and decrease. Through the dances done well, original attachment wounds have an opportunity to heal as our own energy is buoyed by the resouces and satisfaction of connection with another. Healing relationship wounds is a process constantly trying to happen through the experiences of connection with others. In a healthy, dynamic relationship, energy courses back and forth between us.
In this workshop we learn the theory and experience of this transformational dance of relationship.
Jeanne Denney is a therapist, healer, teacher and death (and life) educator who maintains a private practice in Core Energetic Therapy, Somatic Psychology and Energetic Bodywork in West Nyack, NY, Saugerties, NY and New York City.
Her deepest commitment in life is teaching about patterns within health, transformation and human development derived from a wide lens and deep understanding of the human journey. From there she very much enjoys offering healing, therapy and hospice support in their myriad forms.