17. noviembre 2020 - 14:30 hasta 16:30
AAOC, Santa Ana
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AAOC And Optimum Seismic Offer Free Workshop November 17 On Earthquake Vulnerability & Retrofitting 101 | martes, 17. noviembre 2020

Learn if Your Rental Property is at Risk… and What You Can Do about It.

The Apartment Association of Orange County and Optimum Seismic will sponsor a free informational workshop on seismic retrofitting and steps owners can take to protect rental property investments.

In addition to more cities starting to consider adopting local retrofitting ordinances, state law will soon require all multifamily properties to undergo structural safety inspections of their decks, balconies, stairways, and more.

Property owners and managers can get the facts about seismic retrofitting and decide the best course of action for their rental properties.  Key topics to be covered include:

Soft story buildings and the importance of seismic retrofitting

Are seismic retrofitting ordinances coming to Orange County?

Identifying areas of structural vulnerability on your rental property

The different types of buildings that can be retrofitted and what is involved

Reasons to Retrofit – Protect your residents, staff, and investment while avoiding liability

The cost of a soft story retrofit and financing alternatives

Deck, balcony and stairway inspections – Getting ready for the SB 721 compliance deadline

“The Apartment Association of Orange County is pleased to have the support of a professional seismic engineering and construction firm such as Optimum Seismic, Inc. in conducting this workshop,” says AAOC Executive Director David Cordero.  “Optimum’s professional assistance will help our organization better serve the needs of our members in the multi-family housing industry.”

David Cordero, Executive Director, AAOC

“Optimum Seismic is very proud of its positive relationships with a number of leading Apartment Associations in California,” says Ali Sahabi, Optimum Seismic’s chief operating officer and a recognized authority in sustainable and resilient development.  “We look forward to this opportunity to work with the AAOC members to protect their investments in rental housing and enhance the safety of their tenants.”

Ali Sahabi, Chief Operating Officer, Optimum Seismic, Inc.

The event will be held at the Apartment Association of Orange County office, 525 Cabrillo Park Drive, Suite 125, Santa Ana. The program, which includes a complimentary lunch, begins at 11:30 a.m. and concludes at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. To register visit www.AAOC.com or call (714) 245-9500, extension 1406.

About Apartment Association of Orange County

The AAOC is affiliated with the California Rental Housing Association and the National Apartment Association. AAOC provides a number of services to its members in the multi-family industry: issues an Apartment News Magazine; assists with credit checks; holds educational events; monitors legislative affairs; and publishes a service provider directory. Further information on AAOC is available at www.aaoc.com or by calling (714) 245-9500.

About Optimum Seismic

The Optimum Seismic team has been making California cities safer since 1984 by providing full-service seismic retrofit engineering and construction services on multifamily residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the state. Optimum experts have completed more than 3,000 projects. Optimum Seismic’s earthquake retrofit services include work on soft story multifamily apartment buildings, unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings and tilt up, non ductile concrete and steel moment frame commercial buildings. For information, contact Optimum Seismic at (323) 678-4686 or visit www.OptimumSeismic.com.