29. agosto 2019 - 7:00
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Soak Fest Dominican Republic Invasion 2019 - Labor Day Weekend Pool Party | Sosúa | jueves, 29. agosto 2019

Hi, my name is Mickensone Andre, I promote and is in med school. Partying more for less is my motto!!!  Every year I throw my annual pool party Soak Fest here in Miami (check us out on IG #SoakFest @Soakfest). However, for this year, I want to invite everyone for our first trip overseas. I want to throw my party outside of the country and in the Dominican Republic. I like to party for less and after getting a lot of good deals and calculating the price I found out that the starting cost for this group vacation would be starting at about $360 per person after the flight. There will be 3 sets of payments.    More details will be coming soon in 3 days but if you have additional questions feel free to contact me 305-781-6001.