26. abril 2019 - 16:00 hasta 22:00
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Create the Dream from Within | Huaya Camp | viernes, 26. abril 2019

Dear Creator, Today, we'd like to invite you to a workshop designed to inspire you, to empower you, to turn your fears into raw power and to remind you of your real nature. What are you going to remember in this journey? ✔️ Dreamfully - Dream & the Dreamer - How to transcend the Dream and the Dreamer✔️ Egoicalessly - Consciousness & Alignment - What it means to be fully aligned with yourself. ✔️ Shadowy - Darkness & Perception. - How to turn your perceptual addiction into inspiration. ✔️ Fearlessly - Gifts & Power - How to embrace your fears and turn them into raw power. ✔️ E-motionally - Energy & Evolution. - The quantic secrets behind your emotions. ✔️ Belieflessly - Vibration & Attraction. The importance of living beyond your reality.✔️ Rolefully - Role & Path - How to accept your Divine Role in the Mind of God. ✔️ Creatorfully - Expression & Extension. The importance of Creating for you, Creation. ✔️ Flowly - Flow, Intention & Attention. How to turn your Awakened Mind into a Superpower. Meet us at Kalu/Huaya Camp at 4 pm on the 26th of April 2019 for a daring journey of spiritual empowerment and consciousness expansion. ✔️ - Bring your outdated beliefs and the will to leave them behind. ✔️ - Bring the courage to love and face yourself✔️ - Bring an open mind, you will need : This workshop will empower you to live as the full Creator of your life! Come if you are want to explore all that you are. Sandra GuedesEn-lightening the Creator...You