24. septiembre 2020 - 19:30 hasta 21:30
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Breathing & Relaxation Therapies for Labor | Crozer Chester Medical Center | jueves, 24. septiembre 2020

This class helps prepare expectant mothers and their birth partners with breathing and relaxation techniques to use during labor.
Let's Relax and Breathe 
This class offers the birth team additional tools for use if planning an unmedicated birth or in addition to an epidural.
This is a one evening course. All classes are held in the Childbirth Education Classroom. This classroom is located on the 1st Floor, East Wing, Sim Lab at the Crozer Chester Medical Center Main Campus.
Registration Details.
Registration is required. Complete and submit the online registration form or call 1-800-CK HEALTH (1-800-254-3258). Early registration is recommended. Classes fill up quickly.
Fees & Payment
This class is free.
Crozer Chester Medical Center Childbirth Educator
Crozer-Chester Childbirth Education at 610-447-2084 or send an email.