27. septiembre 2020 - 13:00
Theater ODEON, Wien
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Research Project: Frank Willens – Voicing the Void | domingo, 27. septiembre 2020

In this Research Project we delve into the depths of the unrevealed body in search of text, of sounds, of stories untold, of presence. We examine the unknown room, the “empty” space within and around us and the dance, which has yet to be exposed. We wring out our tissues looking for treasures, trample our exhaustion, sift through the dust, collect the debris and build survival cabins where we can ride out the apocalypse. Text and voice have been an integral part of Frank’s work as a dancer/performer for the past 20 years. His work seeks to undo the unnecessary barriers between mediums looking for elegant, virtuosic and awkward overlapping between forms. He has worked extensively with given texts ranging from Heiner Müller ("Bildbeschreibung von Heiner Müller" with Laurent Chétouane) to Nietzsche and Kafka (with Peter Stamer) to the most recent explorations with Susanne Kennedy ("Coming Society" and "Ultraworld") as well as his own textual inventions in his work. In this Research Project Frank will share the tactics, methods, and curiosities, which imbue his work.

For the application, please send the following material to email:

Motivation letter (pdf)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

pictures (jpeg, jpg)

A joint project with Wiener Festwochen